Pastoral Ministries

Community Life

Knights of Columbus: Daniel Burri  250-964-1554 
Hospitality:           Open 
Home Visits: Sr. Michaela   250-964-9429 
Vocations: Fr. Terry Brock   250-624-3035 
Youth: Inactive   
Seasonal Liturgy: Sr. Michaela   250-964-9429 
Art & Environment Elisa Camargo & Linda Boudreau 250-964-4898 

Children’s Sunday Liturgy: Shirley Delaney   250-964-7840 
Catechism: Inactive  
RCIA: Inactive

Social Action

Social Justice: Catherine Nolin Hanlon   250-964-9769 
Soup Kitchen: Sr. Michaela   250-964-9429 

Criminal Record Check (CRC)

Immaculate Conception Church is now enrolled in the Criminal Records Review Program Online Service. This makes it much easier to submit and no paperwork necessary!

To submit an online request to have your CRC submitted please got to this link:

Access Code: 73WEPR3MT7

Ministries for Sunday August 20th,2017

9 am Mass 11 am Mass

 Lectors: Jo Ocbena Sherry Gilbert Audille Ocbena Kate Schenk

Extraordinary Ministers:

Jane Beliveau Frank Istok
Jenny Bachmann Baltazar Rodrigues

    TBA Germaine Westle

Music:     Bob Martha

Intercessory Prayers:
Bonnie Konkal Sharlene Irving

 Offertory Family:

Camargo Piwniuk
Altar Servers:
Tehya H. Cross Veronika I. Tony K. Candle/Server Tomas I. Jakob H.      Candle/Server Finola H.

Coffee Sunday:
No Coffee Sunday during the Summer Months.